Screening for Hillsborough HealthCare Program
IN-SIGHT to Health Services

We want to help you find Health Care if you are a Hillsborough County Resident and do not currently have medical insurance. Hillsborough HealthCare Program provides assistance for low income residents with a wide range of health services such as doctor visits, hospital care, and prescriptions to eligible County residents.

Try IN-SIGHT to health services... A new Screening program designed to assist in determining if you, or anyone in your family might qualify.

IN-SIGHT to health services screening is confidential.
It does not share your information with anyone. At the completion of screening, you may choose to submit your application on-line.

Question: How long does it take for the Screening?
Answer: About 10 minutes for a single individual, and about 20 minutes for a family of four. If at any point we feel you are ineligible, we will stop the screening and tell you.